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Be it your everyday wear, or running shoes, or one of your favourite investment shoes, they all need special care and attention. Our dedicated services for sneaker cleaning Dubai help keep them looking spic and span. Our professional craftsmen specialised in cleaning your sneakers provide the best sneaker cleaning service in Dubai. We will pick up your worn sneakers, clean them up and deliver them at your doorstep, with absolutely no pick up and delivery charges involved. We deliver your cleaned sneakers from all over Dubai. You can book our service through whatsapp or give a call to us straightaway.

Sneakers offer great comfort while walking with their synthetic fabric and rubber soles. If you are someone who wears shoes on a daily routine, sneakers are excellent. But this also means at times, your sneakers can get into a mess and may need occasional cleaning. Instead of trying to figure a way out to clean the mess, leave it to the professional sneaker cleaners in Dubai.

Our trained craftsmen take care of all the nooks and crannies to get out that grime from your sneakers. We offer the best treatment to every pair of sneakers and help revive their look. At Urbanwash, our shoe experts are trained to handle all types of sneakers, including high-end luxury and branded sneakers. All sneakers receive a full cleaning treatment including full upper, mid sole, under sole cleaning and washed laces, deodorizing and stain removal.

With a convenient and free pick-up and drop off service and also booking your service through whatsapp, we ensure that your sneakers get an all new look in an exceptionally convenient way to you. So why wait? Keep your sneakers ready. We are on our way to pick them up from your doorstep.

How It Works


Schedule your pick up through whatsapp or call us.



Your shoes are picked up from your location.



Cleaned sneakers delivered at your doorstep.

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Urbanwash FAQs

Sneaker Cleaning at Urbanwash include
1. Deep cleaning or dry cleaning your sneakers from inside and outside.
2. Cleaning the laces and insoles separately.
3. Drying it completely from inside and outside.
4. Applying shoe perfume particularly to the inner area of shoes.
5. Final finishing to clear off hard stains.
6. Anti-dust packaging to keep them safe until delivered to you
The important thing to note is every sneakers are different as well as their make. Hence the cleaning process applied to them differ as well.

Our professional shoe care services are available in and around Dubai. You can whatsapp your details or give a call to +971 4250 9000. Our team would be glad to help you clean your shoes.

We offer free pick-up and drop services across Dubai. Our team would be happy to offer you service detail and timeline along with a quote.

If its a regular service, our turnaround time is approximately 2-3 days. For express delivery service, we deliver back within 24 hours, provided you share all details properly to get an exact timeline and charges from our side..

If you wish to share your feedback or have some concerns to share regarding our services, please highlight it to us through email at hello@urbanwash,com and make sure to attach images to help us better understand your concerns. Our senior team generally gets back to such e-mails on top priority and will revert with the best solution within 2 working days.

Connect with Us - The Professional Sneaker Cleaners in Dubai

We use only the best cleaning products and techniques to ensure that your sneakers are cleaned thoroughly and safely. Whatever your requirements, we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Our sneaker cleaning service is convenient and affordable, with flexible scheduling and competitive pricing. We understand that your sneakers are an important investment, and we take pride in helping you keep them in top condition.

So why wait? Contact us today to schedule your sneaker cleaning and experience the best sneaker cleaning service in Dubai.

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