Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Service at Urbanwash

Having emerged as one of the best eco-friendly dry cleaners in Dubai, UrbanWash has always strived to ensure that your garments are well taken off in the most delicate and environmentally friendly way. We at UrbanWash incorporate State of the Art cleaning machines and biodegradable solvents that are toxin-free. Thus, the health risks associated with traditional dry cleaning solvents are eliminated.

Our expert dry cleaners guarantee that your clothes are cleaned in the most organic way leaving no chemical residues behind, that might be harmful to you or your family, or which might be leading to skin allergies. In other words, our allergy-free dry cleaning simply means we are totally toxin-free and sustainable.

Organic dry cleaning, as an alternative to traditional dry cleaning methods, leaves no odor, exceptionally reduces lint and fading and therefore extends the life of your garments. Our eco-friendly laundry and dry cleaners in Dubai pay attention to detail and provide top-notch customer service, ensuring the best possible dry cleaning experience for every customer and every piece of clothing.

Not only have we upgraded our equipment and cleaning solvents, but we are also doing our part in the fight against plastic, offering reusable cloth garment bags to our clients, as well as recycling hangers.

Our wet cleaning services avoid the use of chemical solvents and incorporate only biodegradable detergents and water for their dry cleaning process. Wet cleaning is the most gentle way of cleaning garments in contrast to the traditional and harsher methods. This extends the life of your garments, leaving the fabric in its natural shape and texture.

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Urbanwash FAQs

Our eco-friendly dry cleaners in Dubai pay close attention to detail and provide top-notch customer service, ensuring the best possible environmentally friendly dry cleaning option in Dubai.

All services have a standard turnaround time of 48 hours. We also offer express delivery services with an additional surcharge.

Our eco-friendly laundry services carry the absolute record for being cleanest and green. We use only non-toxic solvents and water to help stop the use of potentially hazardous chemicals that are widely used in traditional laundry.

An invoice will be sent to your email/WhatsApp once your order has been processed. Alternatively, you can check the individual pricing for each item at .

Superior and eco-friendly laundry services

We at UrbanWash take great pride in Our Eco-friendly laundry services in Dubai. We ensure optimum use of water and electricity and incorporate hypoallergenic, biodegradable detergents for cleaning. We guarantee that our laundry services are unquestionably the best and truly clean and green..

Our key highlights include

  • 1. Water/electricity saving by incorporating high-performance and high-efficiency washing machines to perform your laundry. This means less polluted water leaving our facility. This also assures less wash time comparatively.
  • 2. For the process of laundry, we use only non-toxic organic solvents and water and avoid the usage of harmful chemicals which were common in traditional laundry.
  • 3. Reusable cloth garment bags and recycling hangers ensure that we are a step closer to reducing the use of plastic and working towards a sustainable future.