Laundry in City Walk

At Urbanwash laundry and dry cleaning in City Walk, all your clothing items are inspected, cleaned meticulously, and returned neatly pressed. Our expert artisans of clothing care understand each fabric type and the optimal way to clean each piece of clothing so that it lasts for a long time. Being the industry experts, we guarantee our valued customers the best laundry and dry cleaning services in City Walk.

Employing state-of-the-art machinery and the latest technologies in getting your garments cleaned, our customers are positive to get seamless laundry services in City Walk designed with convenience at its core. Taking into account the busy schedule of our customers, we offer free laundry pickup and delivery right to your doorstep. As the pioneers in dry cleaning services, our job is to make your day-to-day laundry as convenient and affordable as possible, with no compromise on quality whatsoever.

Keeping your safety in mind, we have implemented industry best practices by incorporating eco-friendly dry cleaning and laundry services in City Walk. Our environmentally friendly dry cleaning options are free from harmful chemical solvents and are skin-friendly. At Urbanwash , we do everything we possibly can to return your clothes in great shape.

How It Works


Easy online scheduling through whatsapp
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Cleaning with Care and Eco-Friendly Products.



Your Garments Will Be Cleaned and Delivered to Your Doorstep with absolutely no delivery charges involved.

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Affordable Pricing Plan

Our main highlight lies in the fact that along with the professional laundry services that we offer, we don’t have a minimum charge; we will collect even single pieces.

Urbanwash FAQs

Dry cleaning eliminates the risk of your clothes shrinking or tearing in the wash. Whereas dry cleaning is a gentle way, it uses strong solvents which can remove stains more effectively than laundry detergent. Know more about our dry clean services .

UrbanWash uses high quality detergents and cleaning agents to ensure the best possible results for your laundry. It is always best not to try and remove tough stains on your own and ruin the fabric permanently. Rather than trying out home remedies for stain removal, seek the service of our laundry experts in Dubai .

Our laundry experts check the care label instruction for each garment before they are processed. Typically, dry cleaning preserves and maintains color better than washing machines.

Yes, UrbanWash also has environmentally friendly laundry/ dry clean options to clean your valuable garments that are safe for the environment and your clothes.

Free Laundry Pickup and Delivery in City Walk

Our laundry service can work wonders on your clothes. Bring your laundry in City Walk to the care of our professionals and get them cleaned to look and smell phenomenal. Give us a call or book your laundry service through whatsapp and we will be there at your doorstep in no time for a free laundry pickup.