Now there is always time for laundry!

UrbanWash aims to provide exclusive laundry service that reduces your household chores. We hate stains as much as you do. And, we've had our battles with them just like you did and probably are still having.

Best & Fast Laundry at your service.

Our journey has lent us a set of skills and knowledge that makes us a mender of clothes. With a team of industrious and enthusiastic workforce, UrbanWash delivers its nonparallel services quickly.

We deliver washed and folded clothes on the following day of the pickup. Our fabric experts are capable of finding the best way to clean each piece of clothing by evaluating the fabric.

We take care of each material, using only the most suitable methods to eliminate the stains. UrbanWash utilizes constructive pieces of machinery to clean and repair garments and fabrics in the best way.


Wet Wash

at first time

UrbanWash brings in the advanced
automated wet wash first time in UAE.




We ensure the best quality service to satisfy your needs and keeps you clean.

Dry Cleaning


Care for Clothes

We give special care for your luxury dressing and premium clothes.


24 Hour

Express Service

You will get your clothes delivered in 24 hours in Express Laundry Service.

Why choose us?

  1. We are the first wet clean service provider in Dubai.
  2. We always manage to deliver cleaned clothes on the very day of the pick-up, and we never fail to keep our promises.
  3. We have a separate wing that handles luxury garments and clothes, where we use only the most delicate treatments to ensure safety.
  4. Our baby clothing laundry section takes a tremendous amount of care when handling materials. We even have unique cleaning methods for baby dresses.
  5. We use incredibly advanced machinery to carry out all cleaning processes.
  6. We adamantly refuse to compromise on quality.
  7. We are more than a laundry service provider. We are fabric experts who know what they're doing.

Would like to join the journey?

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Cleaning with Care
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Enjoy Best Service
and Express Delivery

We are here with wet cleaning services before anyone else in the entire expanse of Dubai. UrbanWash offers first-rate laundry, dry cleaning, and wet cleaning services along with its dedicated and resourceful team.