Professional Wet Cleaning Services in Dubai

UrbanWash offers first-rate laundry , dry cleaning , and wet cleaning services in a shorter time across Dubai.
Now you can focus on more important things and leave the laundry to us.

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Why Choose Us?



Wet Cleaning

UrbanWash brings in the advanced automated wet wash first time in Dubai.




We ensure quality with the best service to satisfy your needs and keeps you clean.

Dry Cleaning


Care for Clothes

We give special care for your luxury dressing and premium clothes.


24 Hour

Express Service

You will get your clothes washed and delivered to you in 24 hours with our Xpress Laundry Service.


Our Highlights

Introducing Automated Wet Cleaning

We are the first laundry service company in Dubai to offer wet cleaning services.

Best Quality Laundry Assured

With expert professionals and advanced technology in laundry and business operations, we deliver the best quality laundry service.

Extra care for luxury clothing

You must have a concern about the clothes that you spent some extra bucks on when you sent it for laundry. We take care of that.

Additional Care for Baby Clothing

Your kid's clothes' safety will be a concern for you when it's sent out. We carefully handle them and delivers them safely.

24 Hour Express Service

All your laundry chores can be done and delivered within 24 hours with our Express Service.

Best Quality
Service, Always.

Wet cleaning uses the most delicate and mild detergents to clean fabrics. Are you worried about the damages that washing can do to your expensive apparel? If so, our wet cleaning services can give you a free ride. At UrbanWash, swear by our ability and determination to provide the best laundry service in all of Dubai.

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13 June 2022

Benefits of Wet Cleaning

Do you have a laundry day? Many people tend to procrastinate this particular chore. As their laundry baskets get lamentably heavy,

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13 June 2022

How to store your clothes

Storing clothes in a proper manner can make them last longer. So, how can you efficiently keep clothes to make them more durable?

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13 June 2022

How a professional laundry service helps

Washing and folding clothes is a chore that cannot be avoided. While it’s quite impossible..

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