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UrbanWash is your neighborhood one-stop-shop that satisfies all your laundry needs in Dubai. We deliver the best laundry in Dubai and take utmost care of all your clothes and fabrics. So be it laundry, regular washing, or dry cleaning your special clothes, or steam pressing those washed clothes, you can trust your clothes to us. We will launder your clothes and make them top-notch that you cannot resist revisiting us for more of our laundry services at your doorstep.

With Us by your side, laundry will never be a task that you keep procrastinating for later. We are just a phone call away. You can book our Laundry Services in Dubai through Whatsapp or call us straight away. Your clothes will be picked up at your doorstep, washed, dried, steam pressed and packaged, and sent back to you in such a way that in no time you will start loving your wardrobe. So why wait? Get away with the piled-up clothes in your laundry basket.

What if we told you your laundry day doesn't have to be a drag? At UrbanWash, we offer the best laundry near you in Dubai. We're convenient, cost-effective, and above all, we do it correctly. Being the best laundry service in Dubai, we're easy to reach, reasonably priced, and will get the job done just right. Our store's outstanding customer service and extreme versatility are hard to beat, and we're always here to help you. Our staff is highly trained, experienced, and prepared to assist you with whatever laundry needs you have. Above all, our store is the cleanest, fastest, and offers the best laundry in Dubai. Make UrbanWash Laundry your top choice to get high-end laundry services near you in Dubai.

How It Works


Easy online scheduling through whatsapp
or request a free pickup through phone call.



Cleaning with Care and Eco-Friendly Products.



Your Garments Will Be Cleaned and Delivered to Your Doorstep with absolutely no delivery charges involved.

Why Choose Us

UrbanWash laundry in Dubai have been in business for years. We have the best and most professional team of laundry experts who knows how to treat each garment in the best possible way. We pay close attention to each fabric and choose the laundry method that suits them only after careful supervision. This ensures that your clothes get the perfect cleaning without a single damage to texture, finish, materials or shrinkage. With our computerized machines and the right choice of eco-friendly washing detergents and cleaning solvents, we aim to give our customers nothing but the best laundry service.

Affordable pricing

We offer the most competitive and pocket-friendly pricing plans for your laundry needs but with no compromise on quality whatsoever.

Trained and certified staff

We have a dedicated team of certified and trained staff, taking utmost care and providing suitable cleaning options for your garments.

On-demand service

We are just a phone call away. Avail of our free laundry pickup and delivery services through Whatsapp or give us a call.

Our Customer Reviews

Best Quality at Affordable Pricing

Our laundry prices come at the most affordable rates and with top-notch quality. We focus on total customer satisfaction and take great pride in our services in Dubai.

Urbanwash FAQs

We are the best laundry in Dubai for premium laundry and dry clean services , wash and fold, eco friendly laundry and dry cleaning and wet cleaning , wash and steam iron services.

To schedule a free online pickup, you can call us at +971-4250-9000 or request a pickup through whatsapp. Our services are available across all areas in Dubai.

We deliver your laundry order within 48 hours. We also provide the option of express/fast delivery where the order is delivered the very next day within 24 hours.

Yes. Our laundry pick and delivery are absolutely free and are functional round the clock.

Yes. We are the professional laundry service providers who specialize in laundering all sorts of garments.

Yes. Our laundry services are green and eco-friendly laundry services. We use only biodegradable detergents and solvents that are environmentally friendly.

Contact UrbanWash laundry today!

Contact us today for a free laundry pickup and delivery at your doorstep. We deal with all kinds of laundry & dry cleaning services that cater to your needs. We promise to carry out the finest service for a very competitive price.

In case of any apprehensions regarding our service and how the whole thing works, don’t hesitate. Pick your phone and give us a call. We are here to help. ​Thus if you are searching online for the best laundry service near me, laundry near me Dubai, contact us straight away for a free pickup. We will be there to collect your laundry from your home in no time.