Laundry in Al Garhoud

At Urbanwash, we treat each garment with the proper care and individual attention that it deserves. Feel and experience the rich garment care we offer to your laundry in Al Garhoud. As a result of several checkpoints and a thorough inspection of your valuable clothes throughout the cleaning process, we have been able to consistently keep up with client expectations. Our impeccable laundry and dry cleaning in Al Garhoud ensures each and every garment leave our store as fresh as new.

With the latest technology and equipment, we deliver laundry services of the highest standards in Al Garhoud. Just leave your laundry neatly sealed in a plastic bag for us to pick it up and give us a call or book your laundry on WhatsApp. We will be there right away to pick up your laundry, totally free of charge.

We ensure our laundry services in Dubai are as environmentally friendly as possible with the best eco-friendly laundry and dry cleaning services having no trace of the harmful dry cleaning solvents that may be allergic to certain skin types. Our honest and sincere approach to each garment makes us a preferred laundry care specialist to our customers.

How It Works


Easy online scheduling through whatsapp
or request a free pickup through phone call.



Cleaning with Care and Eco-Friendly Products.



Your Garments Will Be Cleaned and Delivered to Your Doorstep with absolutely no delivery charges involved.

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Affordable Pricing Plan

Our main highlight lies in the fact that along with the professional laundry services that we offer, we don’t have a minimum charge; we will collect even single pieces.

Urbanwash FAQs

We will guarantee your requirements are completely met. We are also guided by the manufacturer's care label on all items, which confirms the correct handling to be followed by staff during the cleaning process. If the care label is absent, you can count on our workers with plenty of knowledge with your garments.

For items that may be damaged, UrbanWash offers reimbursement for up to twenty (20) times the cost of cleaning the item, regardless of its type or brand, or cost or condition.

We operate all days (including Fridays) from 8:00am to 10:00pm.

We kindly ask you to double-check any pockets before giving us items for service wash. Separate whites from coloured. Separate items that require a different cleaning service.

Free Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Al Garhoud

At Urbanwash, taking into account our customers’ busy schedules, we offer exceptional laundry and dry cleaning services in Al Garhoud directly to your front door or business. UrbanWash delivers the highest quality of service in the UAE, including the best dry cleaning , laundry, and wet cleaning.Just give us a call or book your laundry through Whatsapp and we are at your service offering a free pickup.